I Can Be Whimsical, Dammit

Mixed media on canvas

I can be whimsical when I want to.

It’s not as easy as it used to be to conjure up a feeling of whimsy, but that probably means that it’s that much more important to make the effort.

There is much going on in the world, no matter which way you turn or no matter what your leanings are, there is always something vying for your attention, looking to piss you off. Sometimes I think I have to express myself whimsically, to remind myself that silliness, lightness, and fun still exist. When I express whimsy in my art it is also a way of experiencing it myself. We all need this.

Discovering that I am an artist (it was actually re-discovering) – has been and continues to be a process. Believe me, being an artist is NOT the destination!

For me, however, there was an important moment when I realized that I’d been a creative my entire life and the only time I was ever been happy was when I was committed to and absorbed in being creative. I’d always been artsy-craftsy, had taken many various classes over the years, and explored various mediums. I never thought of myself as an artist, although I reveled in the idea of being thought of as one. But I would just say, “Oh I make stuff,” or, “Yeah I’m creative.” I would minimize my talents outwardly, waiting for some kind of validation – while knowing full well that I am unique and have a unique vision. Which is not to say I’m any kind of genius. No, I’m just me and I’m old enough to realize that I’m one of a kind and when I apply my one-of-a-kindedness to artistic endeavors it shows! Anyway, so one day just it dawned on me that all I had to do to be an artist was to say I am an artist and then honor that commitment. There was no magic fairy who would bestow the title of Artist upon me, that was something I had to do for myself.

So *poof* I’m an artist!

Published by lorriesart

Raised in Miami, Florida and now residing in Fort Lauderdale.

2 thoughts on “I Can Be Whimsical, Dammit

  1. Poof! You are definitely an artist, Miss Lorrie Hilson! You’re whimsical creations are AMAZING! The world will be illuminated with delight, and inspiration. You’re bravery to live your dream, is a priceless gift for you and the grand recipients, the 🌎!
    I’m honored to be you’re 1st post.
    I will “watch this space”!πŸ˜ΈπŸ’™πŸ˜Έ


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