Gone But Not Forgotten

I spent some time away, but I haven’t forgotten or abandoned my site here.  I’ve been living life, a given I suppose, but with the implication that living our lives in the day to day always takes up time that keeps us from doing everything we want in a 24 hour period – and I’ve been learning a lot.

There are many technical skills that I don’t necessarily enjoy learning, but need to learn to further myself.  

Bad crop and editing.  Ugh.

Here’s a big thing I learned: being a revenue-generating artist is a lot more than just making pretty paintings.  If you want to involve money into the art equation, you have made an art business.  Guess what business is about?  Work.

Marketing, branding, building an online “presence,” social media (cringe) are necessary tools.  It’s not even optional anymore. How one goes about this can vary greatly and overwhelm an infp like me.  After all, I just want to play in the paint.  So I resisted and I resisted and I have finally reconciled myself to this, and have been learning bit by bit about navigating and functioning on different platforms.  

As an aside, I have to assert that I will never use Facebook.  Draw your own conclusions on why that might be, but suffice it to say that there is where I draw the line.

This looked true to life, but the print was very dark.  Ugh.

Then there’s practical stuff like learning to make my own art prints.  This required a new printer with new complicated settings and expensive ink (so the learning curve can hurt), as well as learning about the myriad of different paper in different sizes that are available (also expensive!).  

Lo and behold now I’m back to my actual photos!  Photos always trip me up and one day I’ll pay someone to photograph for me.  Thankfully, though, a deciding factor for the new printer was the scan bed size, and I’m now able to do decent sized scans, but I encountered a whole other learning curve when I have to format for printing in different sizes.  Not to mention learning to intuit how my printer will translate what I’m seeing in the photo editing, with respect to color, brightness, etc.  

I got sidetracked for a minute, thinking I wanted to get a jump on making some Christmas cards.  But formatting. Ugh.

Did I mention that I sort of have a real job, too?  So, you know, life and time and only 24 hours… 

At some point, everything will build on each other, though.  Here is why I’m pushing through. I only have to learn this stuff once and then it’s just dessert!  Also, even this here art blog will be up and running properly and will integrate with my other online presences seamlessly.  At some point.

Published by lorriesart

Raised in Miami, Florida and now residing in Fort Lauderdale.

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