Art Why?

In trying to define myself as an artist, as we are often called on to do when creating a website, blog, store, or any other venue calling for an “artist’s statement, mission, or bio,” I found myself having to dig deep and look at some foundational stuff.  First of all it’s annoying af to haveContinue reading “Art Why?”

Gone But Not Forgotten

I spent some time away, but I haven’t forgotten or abandoned my site here.  I’ve been living life, a given I suppose, but with the implication that living our lives in the day to day always takes up time that keeps us from doing everything we want in a 24 hour period – and I’veContinue reading “Gone But Not Forgotten”

Big Day

It was a big day in politics and government. These are a few works that I feel overtly show my struggle with what’s been happening around me the last three years. Art therapy is real. Even if it wasn’t “prescribed” or administered by a “licensed practitioner” art can sneak up on you and help youContinue reading “Big Day”

I Can Be Whimsical, Dammit

I can be whimsical when I want to. It’s not as easy as it used to be to conjure up a feeling of whimsy, but that probably means that it’s that much more important to make the effort. There is much going on in the world, no matter which way you turn or no matterContinue reading “I Can Be Whimsical, Dammit”